Growing lifework you love is a life long process

Sometimes it’s nice to have a guide.

Dear lifework grower,

Many people want to feel fully aligned so they can share heartfelt work with those who need it most (and earn a living in the process.)

Maybe you’re one of them …

And maybe you have a definite idea of what this is, or maybe you only have an inkling that stirs in your bones.

Whatever the case, if you’re like most people you occasionally feel a bit confused about how to get to the next level. But despite the roadblocks, you feel really ready to break through to the other side.

So how do you do it?

Believe it or not, the best way is to reach out and ask for help.

In fact, according to The American Society of Training and Development, if you simply hear/have an idea of what you want to do you are 10% likely to create it.

But, if you work with an accountability group you have a 95% chance of achieving your goal.

And that’s what this program is all about: getting you the help you need to move forward.

The Lifework Compass

An inner navigational system for growing lifework you love.

1 part dreaming + 1 part masterminding

This program is for you if you are a service provider (or want to be one) who needs help getting clear about any aspect of your lifework so you can leap to the next level.

Maybe you’re just starting out, maybe you’ve been at it for awhile and are struggling, or maybe you’ve been greatly successful but need a change.

No matter where you are on your journey, the 13-week program is about learning new ways to get clear, set intentions, ask questions and get feedback and insight from other participants so you can create plans and take action.

As a result, you may feel more confident, connected and ready to embark on a new journey.

Thing is, when you know how to ask the right questions, your inner guidance system can take you on the magical ride of a lifetime.

So in this program you will …

Get clear about what’s “not” working with your lifework

We’ve all been there. Felt stuck or confused or uncertain of how to move forward.

But one of the reasons we stay there is because we keep asking the same questions or thinking the same thoughts and this doesn’t help us move forward.

Clearly establishing what’s not working is one step in the process of identifying what you want to create. Once you have clarity about what’s not working you’ll be better able to …

Set intentions that open communication with inner guidance

Our stuckness usually comes from confusion, fear, lack of confidence, or over analyzing, and these feelings act like roadblocks on our lifework path.

After you clearly identify what’s not working you’ll be able to set an intention to help you align with what you desire.

Sometimes stating the right intention is all you need to get clear. It’s as though the roadblocks dissolve and you re-engage a two way conversation with your dreams, intuition, and spirit guides. They were there all along, but the roadblock made it difficult to connect with them.

With this barrier gone, it’s much easier to …

Create the best questions to gather insight about your lifework direction

The right questions are essential.

They assist you in getting help from your dreams, intuition, spirit guides and human helpers.

The more specific your question, the easier it is to get the information you need so you can …

Develop a plan and take active steps in growing lifework you love!

Some plans are a simple “next step” while others are detailed, five year proposals.

Whatever your plan, this essential process, along with follow-through and accountability, will take you deeper and further along your lifework path.

And all four of these steps are greatly enhanced when coupled with holistic group dream work and masterminding.

This is “dream” work at its most powerful level.

The dream work I’m talking about is really “imaginal” work. It involves

  • sleeping dreams, those that come unbidden and those you incubate
  • dream journeys to connect with untapped powers and guidance
  • day dreams that reveal your secret longings (so secret you may only be semi-conscious of their existence.)
  • spontaneous visions that give you clues about hidden talents
  • spirit guides who are available to provide insight into your direction
  • real live people who have your best interest at heart and who can help you connect with leads and thoughts you might not have otherwise

The Lifework Compass is a One of a Kind Program

As far as I know, there are no other programs that integrate holistic dreamwork, spiritual guidance and mastermind work in this very specific way.

My professional background in marketing and ministry, as well as my years of teaching these topics, has given me insight into how and why people get stuck as well as a wide range of ways people get unstuck, get clear and take successful action. So considering this …

So how exactly will you do this? Participants in this program will …

Open the Channels of Communication and Develop a Practical Plan

  • Explore your situation so you know what you don’t want to create.
  • Use that information to create the kind of intention that helps you align with what you do want to create.
  • Discover how to craft questions that have the best chance of getting an answer.
  • Learn how to align your mind and soul so you feel clearer, faster.
  • Create an action plan (with my help and the help of others) so you know exactly what you need to do next.
  • Have an accountability partner so you are 95% likely to accomplish your goals!

Dream to Ignite Your Work

  • Explore the 3 types of dreams – waking dreams, dream journeys and sleeping dreams – and how to integrate them into your process.
  • Learn how to incubate dreams (ask questions and get answers in dreams)  in order to get soul-level information.
  • Recognize the 3 types of lifework dreams that can guide you deeper on your journey: Lifework Direction dreams, Lifework Theme dreams, and Common dreams
  • Learn a variety of dream techniques that can help you fill in the missing pieces of your lifework puzzle.
  • Explore dream journey exercises to help you gather the information you seek.
  • Reflect on your life mythology and how your sleeping dream imagery can indicate your calling.

Create an Environment Infused with Intention to Magnify the Information

  • Create a dream charm and altar to align your space with your intentions.
  • Prepare your dream journal for gathering information you may otherwise ignore.
  • Create a sacred environment where your visions can flourish.

Deepen Spiritual Awareness and Feel More Attuned

  • Learn rituals to break bad habits and make positive change.
  • Engage daily in a simple 5 minute ceremony to help maintain that which is sacred and balanced.
  • Prepare your space for communicating with spirit guides so you know you’re connecting with guides who have your best interest at heart.

Be Connected to Community

  • Share your process with others and support one another by offering practical insight.
  • Participate in group journeying to help other people find meaningful solutions to their problems.
  • Work with other conscious-minded people in a supportive, nurturing environment.
  • Meet likeminded soul-friends whose journeys may be significant to your own.
  • Find collaboration partners who may be ideal work-mates in new and exciting ways.
  • Do group dream exploration via email and teleseminar discussions.
  • Work with a partner so you’re staying accountable to your intentions and getting extra one-on-one support. 

You helped me feel not so alone.”

Everything you said made perfect sense! Your reading of my dreams was amazing! I want to thank you so much for helping me see such a different view of my situation. Not only did you hit the nail right on the head, but you also helped me feel not so alone at this point in my life.

Matt, musician

If you feel this program is exactly what you need, then take a moment to reflect on whether or not you are willing to commit to what is required to participate:

This program is one part dream group and one part mastermind.

It is for this reason that you must be willing to participate by helping other people with their challenges. In other words, the best way for you to get help is to give help.

Therefore, if you sign up you are committing to participate online and live in the teleseminars.

We will be doing dreamwork and brainstorming during calls and in a private membership area online, however, you are not expected to give hours and hours of attention to each person every week!

So what is the expected amount of participation?

Throughout the 13-weeks you will be asked to share thoughts and insights about dreams (but you do not have to do extensive dreamwork, unless you want to). You will also be expected to give a bit of feedback or networking advice for the masterminding portion.

On occasion we will do more extensive dream exercises, like shamanic dream journeying and dream re-entry with a partner, and that will require at least an hour of your time in addition to the teleseminars and feedback.

If you are willing to participate fully, then please continue reading.

How does the Program Work Logistically?

This program is taught in a virtual classroom, using modern technology such as teleseminar, emails and a private membership site to help you stay connected, share your process and give and get feedback.

During the Calls

Throughout a 13-week period, we will have 8 teleseminar calls, 90-minutes each.

Each class will be different, but in general I will teach holistic dream work skills (like how to set the kind of intentions that get results), have “hot seats” during which we help one person at a time, break out into small groups for discussion and of course there will be question and answer time.

Here’s the live teleseminar schedule (the time and days have changed)

All calls are on Tuesdays from 11:00 – 12:30 pm pacific time.

November 1

November 8

November 15

December 6

December 13

January 10

January 17

January 24

What else do you get …

Reflections between Calls

We will have guided in-between session group dream work and masterminding online. I will post “assignments” for you to contemplate and answer. They will be short questions to help you clarify and move forward.

My role: I will give quick reflections, feedback and suggestions to help you move forward.

Your role: The group will also give quick reflections, feedback and suggestions to help you move forward.

Worksheets and Handouts

As the program progresses you will receive worksheets and handouts to help you get clear, focus your work and create a plan.

Some of these will be to help you create practical steps for growing your work.

Others will be exercises for doing in depth work with a partner.

MP3s of All Calls 
Although it’s best to attend each call live, if you need to miss one you will be able to listen to it online.

Each call will be recorded and posted on a private membersite so you can revisit them later and listen as often as you like.

You’ll also be able to download them so you can listen for years to come.

For Five People Only:

The Lifework Compass in Depth and On Track!

If you intuitively feel you’ll need more assistance, consider this option. You’ll get all of the above, plus a 60-minute one-on-one session with me once a month (that’s 3 sessions and a savings of $150 off my regular fee) AND weekly check-ins via email. We can do in-depth dreamwork or masterminding or both. Imagine how this might help you leap to the next level!

So in summary, for this program you have two options

The Lifework Compass
The Lifework Compass in Depth
13 weeks of masterminding and group dream exploration
8 Live Teleseminars, 90 minutes long
Private members only area for processing
Useful handouts and worksheets
Guided exercises for you and your partner
Written reflections on the exercises
In-depth dream exploration
$600 $500 = Pay in full and save $100
or $200 a month for 3 months
$800 if you pay in full
or $290 a month for 3 months

Just for comparison sake, a 2.5 hour Lifework Orientation session with me is $350. With The Lifework Compass program you get much more of my attention (13 weeks worth!) in addition to the group wisdom and resources. Plus, I’ll have a more in depth understanding of YOU than I would if we only worked together for 2.5 hours. With the Lifework Compass in Depth program we can really connect more deeply, more easily.

The Lifework Compass Guarantee

This program was designed to help people like you take your work to the next level. If after the first week of classes you do not feel it is right for you, I will give you a full refund your investment 100%.

No worries.

No questions.

Are you ready to learn fun, exciting ways to navigate your lifework so you can feel fully aligned?

The next step is to sign up by selecting a payment plan.

Spaces are limited: sign up now to ensure you get a spot!

You have 4 choices:

13 Weeks of The Lifework Compass


(payments are automatically deducted from your account once a month.)

13 Weeks of The Lifework Compass plus in Depth Exploration


(Payments are automatically deducted from your account once a month.)

That’s all there is to it. If you have any questions about the program, feel free to email me at I’m happy to answer any questions you have.

I hope you’ll join this group. It will be fun and light-hearted as well as deep and insightful.

Until we meet again, here’s to growing somewhere great!

Amy Brucker brings her keen intellect, wise intuitive nature, and creative expression to the path of dreamwork. She stands in the lineage of dreamworkers from the beginning of time and is both a contemporary oracle and compelling teacher. Amy empowers the individuals with whom she works to explore their dreams, bring them to life through art and song, and ground them in the practice of daily living.

–Rev. Dr. Gina Rose Halpern
Founder of The Chaplaincy Institute